2017 Student Summer Scholars

Ellen Audia
“Using Principal Components Analysis to identify changes in phosphorus, nitrate/nitrite and chlorophyll-a in seven lake basins of Leelanau County from 1990-2015”
Faculty Mentor: Megan Woller-Skar, Biology

Brian Basinski, Ott-Stiner Scholar
“Structure-based inhibitor discovery for a key clinical target in antibiotic resistance”
Faculty Mentor: Rachel Powers, Chemistry

Morgan Carpenter, MS3, Schroeder Fellow
“Expanding the Role of C-N Coupling Reactions: Targeted Synthesis of Novel Antibiotics”
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Hart, Chemistry

Jessica Crawford, Stiner Scholar
“Analyzing survival, growth, and environmental effects of willow biomass energy crops at GVSU”
Faculty Mentor: Erik Nordman, Biology

Elizabeth Croff
“Generation of pHdc-containing transgenic flies to study Hdc promoter function”
Faculty Mentor: Martin Burg, Biomedical Sciences

Christiana D'Annibale
“Analysis of the induction, activation, and stability of DUSP8 protein”
Faculty Mentor: Ruijie Liu, Biomedical Sciences

Morgan Doherty
“The Effects of Leptin Induced Obesity on Fertility Parameters in Male Mice”
Faculty Mentor: Christopher Pearl, Biomedical Sciences

Claire Efting
“The Parent Behind the Potential Farmer”
Faculty Mentor: Brandon Youker, School of Social Work

Francesca Golus, Ott-Stiner Scholar
“Assessing Enrichment Protocols for Carnivores at the John Ball Zoo”
Faculty Mentor: Jodee Hunt, Biology

Megan Goy
“Identification and Expression Analysis of Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase in Echinacea purpurea
Faculty Mentor: Sheila Blackman, Cell and Molecular Biology

Ashleigh Harrah, MS3
“miRNA-34b/c as disease progression biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease”
Faculty Mentor: Sok Kean Khoo, Cell and Molecular Biology

Victoria Irwin
“Analyzing the Role of a Subset of Degraded Proteins in the Ability of Candida albicans to Cause Disease”
Faculty Mentor: Derek Thomas, Biomedical Sciences

Lauren King, MS3
“Understanding the Application of Polarity Thinking by Nurses in the Clinical Setting”
Faculty Mentor: Evelyn Clingerman, Nursing

Casey Koch-LaRue
“Geometries for the Finite Cyclic Groups”
Faculty Mentor: Steven Schlicker, Mathematics

Andrew LaDuca, MS3, Schroeder Fellow
“Incorporating Soft Electron Donors in Nuclear Waste Extraction Methods to Boost Selectivity”
Faculty Mentor: Shannon Biros, Chemistry

Halle Nienhaus, Koeze Fellow
“Preliminary Analysis of Grand River and Nearby Groundwater: The feasibility of a Large-Scale Biosand Well”
Faculty Mentor: Roderick Morgan, Biology

Grace Peterson
“Characterization of a drug for Alzheimer’s in the retina using a confocal microscope: Applications to glaucoma”
Faculty Mentor: David Linn, Biomedical Sciences

Uyen Pham, MS3
“Structural and Functional Characterization of Fragment-based Inhibitors for OXA-24, an Antibiotic Resistance Enzyme”
Faculty Mentor: Rachel Powers, Chemistry

Sarah Robertson, MS3
AIM2 (Absent in Melanoma 2) gene as diagnostic biomarker for typhoid fever”
Faculty Mentor: Sok Kean Khoo, Cell and Molecular Biology

Cole Robinson
“The Overlooked Builders of Nations: Middling Carolinian Elites and the Construction of Sovereignty in the Atlantic World, 1772-1776”
Faculty Mentor: Michael Huner, History

Morgan Sundblad
“Omega 3 fish oils protect endothelial cells from damage”
Faculty Mentor: David Kurjiaka, Biomedical Sciences

Emily Uhl
“An Investigation of the Awareness of Desirable Difficulties in University Chemistry Courses”
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Pentecost, Chemistry

Zachariah Vander Tuin, Ott-Stiner Scholar
“Electrochemical Investigations of Facilitated Lanthanide Ion Transfer at Micro-Liquid/Liquid Interfaces”
Faculty Mentor: Scott Thorgaard, Chemistry

Tyler Wheeler
“Study of Polymer Network Phase Transitions”
Faculty Mentor: Richard Vallery, Physics

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