2014 Student Summer Scholars

Fatouma Abdoulaye
"Characterization of microbial communities associated with herbicide sensitive versus resistant genotypes of Eurasian watermilfoil using next-generation DNA barcoding"
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Thum, Annis Water Resource Institute

Kennedy Aldrich
"Characterizing the Mycorrhizal Associations in the Orchard at GVSU's Sustainable Agriculture Program"
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Winther, Biology

Lindsay Babcock
"Animal Management and Mobility within Early Urban Neighborhoods in the Southern"
Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Arnold, Anthropology

Tina Daniels
"An observational study of courtship behavior in histamine deficient mutants of Drosophila melanogaster"
Faculty Mentor: Martin Burg, Biomedical Science

Alicia Flores
"Sex and Age Differences in Bone Density in the Palatal Region, Analyzed using CT Scans to Aid in Oral Mini-Implant Success"
Faculty Mentor: James Reed, Biomedical Science

John Hessler
"Belief Memory Bias"
Faculty Mentor: Michael Wolfe, Psychology

Veena Janardan, MS3
"Identifying the c-MET phosphorylation site regulated by CD82 in prostate tumor cells"
Faculty Mentor: Suganthi Sridhar, Biomedical Science

Jessica Janecke
"Effects of Weight Support on the Metabolic Demands of Running"
Faculty Mentor: Kyle Barnes, Movement Science

Ray Jeroso
"A Fight So Impassioned: The Struggle Over School Consolidation in Michigan, 1950-1970"
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Daley, History

Kevin Joffre
"Identifying the Characteristics of the Ideal Reading Intervention Program for Teen Mothers"
Faculty Mentor: Amy Masko, English Language & Literature

April Kaneshiro, Schroeder Fellow
"Relatedness of male hoary bats at a migratory stopover site in northwestern California"
Faculty Mentor: Amy Russell, Biology

Chelsea Kendziorski
"The Challenges of Democratization: A Comparative Study of Croatia, Serbia, Moldova, and Georgia"
Faculty Mentor: Heather Tafel, Political Science

Edwin Klein
"An Investigation of the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Influences on the Aggressive Behavior of Crayfish"
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Bergman, Biomedical Science

Talon Kosak, MS3, Ott-Stiner Scholar
"How Does BBr3 Cyclize o-alkynylanisoles to Form Benzofurans"
Faculty Mentor: Richard Lord, Chemistry

Angela Kujawa
"Habitat Specific Diet of Kit-Rearing Female Martens in West Michigan"
Faculty Mentors: Paul Keenlance, Natural Resources Mgmt and Joseph Jacquot, Biology

Barrett Kyle, MS3
"Quantification of light and gravity effects on the giant internodal cells of Chara"
Faculty Mentor: Mark Staves, Cell and Molecular Biology

Kirk Luca, MS3
"Growth and movement patterns of neonatal box turtles following egress"
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Moore, Biology

Lindsey Lusardi, Koeze Fellow
"Can drugs for Alzheimer's disease protect retinal cells in a 'mixed' culture system?"
Faculty Mentor: David Linn, Biomedical Science

Katherine McGuire
"Characterizing the gene Barx2 regulation of regulation of neural progenitor proliferation and differentiation"
Faculty Mentor: Merritt Taylor, Biomedical Science

Samantha Morsches
"Spatial patterns of fish communities in Lake Michigan tributaries"
Faculty Mentor: Carl Ruetz III, Annis Water Resources Institute

Benjamin Nicholson, Ott-Stiner Scholar
"Structural and functional studies of a bacterial sugar-modifying enzyme"
Faculty Mentor: Paul Cook, Chemistry

Chelsea Reiber
"Synergistic effects of anti-telomerase and anthracycline therapy on breast cancer cells"
Faculty Mentor: Osman Patel, Cell and Molecular Biology

Meagan Roche
"The Conquest for Identity: What Crusades Tourism Reveals about French Attitudes toward Nationalism, Religion, and Immigration"
Faculty Mentor: Deana Weibel, Anthropology

Dallas Rohraff
"Testing Next-Generation Virox cleaners as disinfectants and the evaluation of GV-2 derivatives as Antibiotics"
Faculty Mentor: Roderick Morgan, Biology

Christina Sarkissian
"Prevalence and Population Dynamics of Raccoon Roundworm in West Michigan: Assessing the Potential of an Emerging Zoonosis"
Faculty Mentor: Douglas Graham, Biomedical Science

Isaac Simon
"The effects of Machiavellianism, mental effort and lying on memory"
Faculty Mentor: Todd Williams, Psychology

Scott St. Louis
"ARTFL and the Influence of Locke on Diderot's Encyclopédie, 1751-1772"
Faculty Mentor: David Eick, French

Allison VanDine, MS3
"Characterizing an inhibitory compound that could contribute to combating antibiotic resistance in Acinetobacter"
Faculty Mentor: Brad Wallar, Chemistry

Megan Wertheimer
"Reducing the Impact Bias for Colorectal Cancer Screening"
Faculty Mentor: Amanda Dillard, Psychology

Alayna Zielinski
"An Analog Experiment Comparing Goal-Free Evaluation & Goal-Based Evaluation Utility"
Faculty Mentor: Brandon Youker, Social Work

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