2012 S3: Samantha Ellis

Macromolecular Assemblies for Gas Storage from Dynamic Bonds

Three-dimensional organic polymers are important materials due to their ability to absorb various gasses including N2, CO2, and H2. Organic polymers are of particular interest to NASA, due to their light-weight nature, high surface area, and potential as a solid-state fuel source. This project focuses on developing new three-dimensional polymers, which fall into a particular class of compounds called covalent organic frameworks (COFs). These COFs are typically prepared using high efficiency reactions in high yields. However, due to their large molecular size, characterization by traditional techniques is difficult if not impossible. This project is designed to elucidate how these COFs aggregate in the solid-state by synthesizing a subunit of a COF. The subunit will allow for greater analysis by NMR, IR, and X-ray crystallography.

Faculty Mentor: Andrew Korich, Chemistry

Samantha Ellis

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