2011 Student Summer Scholars

Eric Baumgarten
"The Sincerity of Reform: Henry Ford's Five-Dollar Day and the Ideological Underpinnings of Progressive Era Reform"
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Lawrence Daley, History 

Megan DeKievit
"The Electric (Fender) Bass: Its Origins and Influence on the Evolution of Jazz and the Development of Contemporary Music"
Faculty Mentor: Tim Froncek, Music

Heidi Fegel
"Exploring the Institutional and Ideological Sources of Guatemalan Military Interventionism"
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Schlewitz, Latin American Studies

Eliscia Fought
"Do you speak Chemistry? Assessing the degree of inconsistency between expert and novice interpretations of exam questions"
Faculty Mentor: Nathan Barrows, Chemistry 

Megan Glazier
"Bone Densities of the Frontal and Maxillary Sinuses, Determined by CT Scans to Aid in Limiting Complications of Endonasal Sinus Surgery (ESS)"
Faculty Mentor: James Christopher Reed, Biomedical Science

Timothy Godfrey
"Identification of the LEA gene family in the Orchidaceae"
Faculty Mentors: Sheila Blackman & Pei-Lan Tsou, Cell and Molecular Biology 

Laura Goldsmith
"Don't spray the wasps! Using Polistes paper wasps for pest management in the home garden"
Faculty Mentor: Michael Henshaw, Biology 

Paige Goote
"Crayfish as a Potential Control for Zebra Mussel Populations"
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Bergman, Biomedical Sciences

Justin Hackett
Regulation of the scaffolding protein Mid1 in fission yeast cell division
Faculty Mentor: Dawn Clifford Hart, Cell and Molecular Biology 

Brandon Harris
Comparing two methods for estimating stream fish abundance
Faculty Mentor: Carl Ruetz, Annis Water Resources Institute

Noah Jansen-Yee
"Food webs and rivers: Importance of floodplain connectivity"
Faculty Mentor: Eric Snyder, Biology 

Amy Jenkins

"Identification of tissue-specific mRNA expression from the Hdc gene of Drosophila"
Faculty Mentor: Martin Burg, Biomedical Sciences

Elizabeth King
Mapping Neural Stem Cell Domains in the Ventral Midbrain of the Chick Embryo
Faculty Mentor: Merritt Taylor, Biomedical Sciences

Greg Kortman
"Resonance and the Carbon - Silicon Double Bond"
Faculty Mentor: Randy Winchester, Chemistry

Jonathan Lehmann
"The Synthesis of Modified Chromenes"
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Hart, Chemistry 

Kája Lill
"Stylistic Divergences in Jazz: Comparing the European and American Mainstream Jazz Traditions"
Faculty Mentor: Kurt Ellenburg, English Language & Literature 

Rachelle McLaughlin
"Another Silent Spring? Analyzing Patterns in an Emerging Epizootic in North America"
Faculty Mentor: Shaily Menon, Biology

Drake Parker
"The Concept of Infinity in Ancient Greek Mathematics"
Faculty Mentor: David Austin, Mathematics

Jessica Riley
"The Genetic Profile of Early East European Farmers"
Faculty Mentor: Alexey Nikitin, Biology 

David Schlueter
"Modeling Social Networks with Random and Fuzzy Graphs"
Faculty Mentor: Jiyeon Suh, Mathematics

Kirsten Tissue
"Development of Novel MRI Contrast Agents"
Faculty Mentor: Shannon Biros, Chemistry 

Misty Van Brocklin
"The role of CBL10 in flowering"
Faculty Mentor: Margaret Dietrich, Cell and Molecular Biology

Jacob Voetberg
"Investigating Antimatter-Matter Interactions in Gases"
Faculty Mentor: Richard Vallery, Physics

Brittany Wildgen
The Synthesis and Testing of GV-2 Chemical Derivatives for Antibacterial Activity
Faculty Mentors: Roderick Morgan, Biology & Robert Smart, Chemistry 

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