2010 Student Summer Scholars

Matthew Boeve
"Visual learning and discrimination of abstract shapes by crayfish"
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Bergman, Biomedical Sciences

Katherine Butler
"Does Gender Still Matter?: Women Physicians' Self-Reported Medical Education Experiences"
Faculty Mentor: Julia Mason, Women and Gender Studies

Kelsey Crowley
"Serotonin and histamine localization in the larval CNS of Drosophila melanogaster"
Faculty Mentor: Martin Burg, Biomedical Sciences

Joshua Davis
"Mapping the Reactivity Surface of Metal-Olefin Reactions"
Faculty Mentor: Stephen Matchett, Chemistry

Trevor DeWaard
"Identity, Language Practices and Language Ideologies Among Nepali-Bhutanese in West Michigan"
Faculty Mentor: Kathryn Remlinger, English

Lena Drake
"The Edible Body, a poetry chapbook: Food and Sex as Pleasure, Disorder, and Commodity"
Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Blumreich, English

Kendall Gilbert
"Using organic agriculture systems for introducing a model farming fieldwork program at Grand Valley State University"
Faculty Mentor: Edwin Joseph, Geography

Tamara Hillman
"Impacts of timber harvest on Southern Flying Squirrel survival and habitat use"
Faculty Mentors: Paul Keenlance, Biology; Joe Jacquot, Biology

Susan Krizmanich
"Physical Educators Playing with Technology: Creating and Evaluating Motor Development Screencasts"
Faculty Mentor: Colleen Lewis, Movement Science

Min Lee
"Genetic Approaches to Understanding the Impact of Wind Energy on Migratory Bats"
Faculty Mentor: Amy Russell, Biology

Andrea Lowing
"Hawthorn extract - viable treatment for cardiovascular disease or unscrupulous herbal supplement?"
Faculty Mentor: Francis Sylvester, Biomedical Sciences

Alex MacDonald
"Synthesis of Rigid Analogs of Thyronamine"
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Hart, Chemistry

Bertil Nshime
"Extraction of Pesticides from Contaminated Soil via Cyclodextrin Complexation"
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Lantz, Chemistry

Douglas Peterson
"The role of Nato3, a novel transcription factor, in dopamine neuron formation"
Faculty Mentor: Merritt Taylor, Biomedical Sciences

Jennifer Phelan
"A chemical genetics approach to elucidate mechanisms of the fission yeast polo kinase in cell division"
Faculty Mentor: Dawn Clifford Hart, Cell & Molecular Biology

Daniel Rhode
"Exoticism in the Composition and Reception of Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I and Flower Drum Song"
Faculty Mentor: Lisa Feurzeig, Music

Nichole Rydahl
"Outcome Evaluation of Emergency Food Programs in Kent County, Michigan"
Faculty Mentor: Stephen Borders, Public Administration

M. Andrew Sanford
"The Ethical Dimensions of Water Usage and Aquatic Invasive Species in the Great Lakes Ecosystem"
Faculty Mentor: John Uglietta, Philosophy

Shawna Tanner
"Trait and Social Influences in the Link between Negative Thinking and Favorable Affect"
Faculty Mentor: Brian Lakey, Psychology

Andrew Taylor
"The relationship between beliefs and comprehension"
Faculty Mentor: Michael Wolfe, Psychology

Jennifer Torreano
"Designing Spaces, Mapping Disciplines: Toward Better Collaboration Between Writing Centers and Libraries"
Faculty Mentor: Ellen Schendel, Writing

Julie Wesselink
"The Antibacterial Properties of GV-1 and GV-2 Chemical Derivatives"
Faculty Mentor: Roderick Morgan, Biology

Shawn Wright
"Redesign of the Wheelchair Trainer"
Faculty Mentors: Christopher Pung, Engineering; John Farris, Engineering

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