Psychology Reflection Example

83rd Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association  Midwestern Psychological Association

First of all I would like to thank you very much for approving my request for funding. Presenting at the Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA) was a great experience. The first day of the conference left quite an impression on me. It was exciting to see many young scholars much like myself as well as professors and other academics from the discipline of psychology taking an interest in our work. During the time slot for our poster we presented numerous times for a variety of people. This practice really helped me and the other members of my group with our speaking skills as well as with verbalizing our research in a coherent and compelling manner.

Although presenting our findings was very exciting, I believe it was even more thrilling to be able to explore poster presentations, and attend talks that were of my own interest. There was a great selection to choose from, ranging from presentations on stereotypes, effects of religiosity on behavior, effects of examples on creative thinking, and many other cultural studies comparing different ethnic groups. I am aspiring to become a child clinical psychologist, and there were many fascinating posters in this area of psychology at MPA, but posters in fields such as social, developmental, and biopsychology caught my interest as well. Going to these presentations allowed me to learn a little about the other subfields of psychology, and to learn how all these subfields are much related.

The conference allowed me a glimpse into the field as an expert in my topic in developmental psychology, and helped me solidify my decision to continue towards my goal of becoming a professional in this field. The conference truly helped me to realize the enjoyment I get from learning from my own and others research. I will continue to take the opportunities I am given to travel to research conferences to be enlightened by other research and hone my own research and presentation skills.

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