Psychology Reflection Example 2

83rd Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association  Midwestern Psychological Association

This conference has really impacted my depth of understanding of the discipline of psychology. Some of the research presented and discussed covered phenomenon in psychology that are actually fundamental to many of the more mainstream topics within psychological research. For example, I attended a session entitle Legitimizing Ideologies and their Consequences and the talks features within this session discussed a variety of ideologies spanning subjects such as sex, religion, victimization, status and stereotypes.

The research in this session presented data on how an individuals ideologies affect their perception of people of varying sex, status or stereotypes, people in various situations of victimization as well as religiously charged places or symbols. I was surprised to learn that the ideologies of individuals are not as fixed as common thoughts suggests. Many studies showed stereotypes of people changing depending on the situation and evaluations of victimization changing depending on the sex and state of the victim of perpetrator. Understanding how ones beliefs can affect their view of different situations or lifestyles is extremely important in psychology especially when catering a type of intervention, therapy and treatment to a particular person.

This conference has enhanced my liberal education in the same way it has enhanced my breadth of knowledge within my discipline. The research featured at the Biannual Meeting of the MPS covered a vast array of topics from masculinity to sleep quality. For this reason my breadth of knowledge has stretched to include much more that before. In addition to the sheer variety among topics, many of the studies and research was produced from either a collaboration of disciplines or a combination of perspectives. For example, I attended talk sessions with research and data from a social psychology view as well as sessions covering bio-psychological research. The studies within these sessions discussed data and research questions that were interdisciplinary in nature. I believe this factor of the conference helped to develop my critical thinking skills as I learned to think about psychological issues from the perspectives of various disciplines.

I plan to maximize the experience within aspects of the career field more than student life since I have just graduated and my most immediate goal is to find an entry level job within my discipline. I will use my experience of conducting and presenting research as a leg up in the hiring process and I also plan to use my research advisor, who has been a great mentor to me, as one of my guides through this transition and a reference on my resume. This conference has given me a wealth of information that will allow me to be successful within my future job. I will continue to keep myself updated on the phenomena and theories that I have been exposed to in the sessions I attended in order to be the most effective and skilled therapist I can be. I made connections at the conference with other student researchers as well, which I will use to build my network of people that are able to refer job openings and great companies to me as I proceed through my job search.

Although entrance into the career field is my main focus, I also plan to attend graduate school in the near future. I accumulated an enormous amount of information and guidance from other conference attendees that will help me to adequately proceed in deciding my graduate research thesis and the graduate school process itself. I am very excited to use this information and networking that I gained at this conference to continue to learn more on how to reach my second goal in the most successful and efficient manner.

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