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83rd Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association  Midwestern Psychological Association

May 5, 2011

Presentations attended:

Title: Factors Influencing Perceptions of Bias-Motivated Crime Based on Sexual Orientation
Abstract: Participants (N=240) beliefs about conviction of the defendant and attributions of blame to the victim in a case involving a bias motivated assault based on sexual orientation were examined. Results indicated participants had differential beliefs about conviction of the defendant and rating of blame for the victim.

Title: Internal Determinants of Intrinsic Motivation
Abstract: Searching for reliable predictors of academic motivation, this study assessed 291 participants on internal motivational determinants including personality traits and attachment styles. Regression analysis revealed openness as most reliable and strongest predictor of intrinsic motivation. Intellectual curiosity and seeking novel experiences appear to fuel an intrinsic desire for attending college.

Title: Group Creativity: The Constraining Effects of Examples
Abstract: Groups and individuals created novel creatures to inhabit a new planet. Half of the participants created creatures after viewing three examples that contained common characteristics. Results suggest that groups adhered to the provided examples more, especially early in the idea generation stage.

May 6, 2011

Presentations attended:

Title: Big Five Personality and Gender Differences in Sleep Quality
Abstract: Gender differences in the prediction of sleep quality from big five personality traits were examined. Extraversion and agreeableness significantly predicted daytime dysfunction due to sleeplessness in both men and women. Conscientiousness and neuroticism were the best predictors of overall sleep quality, but these correlations were significantly larger for men.

Title: Perfectionism and Loneliness as Predictors of Depressive and Anxious Symptoms in Latinos
Abstract: This study examined perfectionism and loneliness as predictors of depressive and anxious symptoms in Latinos. Consistent with past research, both perfectionism and loneliness were found to be associated with negative affective conditions in Latino/a students and loneliness was found to account for additional variance. Implications for future research are discussed.

Title: Adult Attachment and Mate-Seeking Preferences
Abstract: We examined the relationship between adult attachment and short-term/long-term mating preferences in a sample of undergraduate liberal arts students. Results suggested that while evolved sex differences are important in explaining variability in mating preferences, attachment avoidance explains additional variability in both short-term and long-term mating preferences.

May 7, 2011

Presentations attended:

Title: Doodling Impairs Memory for Lecture Material
Abstract: Andrade (2009) found that doodling during a monotonous task substantially improved later recall for presented information. The present study found a negative effect of doodling on memory for information presented via a videotaped lecture. In addition, participants who did not doodle reported being more focused during the presentation.

Title: Effects of Cue Generation and Retrieval Practice on Complex Learning
Abstract: Students read an educational text and then either reread the text, generated retrieval clues for each concept in the text, or generated cues and then practiced retrieval with those cues. Generating retrieval cues enhanced long-term retention 1 week later, and practicing retrieval with self-generated cues produced even greater positive effects.

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