Psychology Activities Summary Example 2

83rd Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association  Midwestern Psychological Association

The conference was held at the Palmer House Hilton. The day consisted of sessions divided by topic that were around 2 hours long. Within each session, there were about 4 to 7 research talks that revolved around the session topic. Each talk lasted between 15 minutes to a half hour. There were about 7 to 10 different sessions to pick from within each time slot. In addition to talk sessions, there were also poster sessions held simultaneously throughout the day that featured around 50-80 posters. Every two hours the posters were replaced by new ones. The poster sessions were organized by topic as well. Below I have listed the talk sessions and posters I chose to attend. I have also included meetings with my research advisor and fellow student researchers.

Thursday 10-11:45am  Cognitive and Social Development  Salon 10

This session contained 5 talks:

  • Children's Understanding of Technology-Based Sources of Information
  • Emotion Embodiment in Adopted Chinese and Non-adopted European American Girls
  • Influences of Social Groups and Threat on Children's Emotion Perception
  • Dogs in the Classroom: An Effective Literacy Intervention
  • Explanations for Preschoolers Letter Name Knowledge

The research presented in this session discusses a variety of factors that influence children's perception in many areas ranging from emotion to technology. Although I felt like much of this information is most useful for those professionals that work with children in an education setting, there was definitely phenomenon and factors that I could use when dealing with children in a psychological or therapeutic atmosphere.

Thursday 12-12:30pm  Meeting  Registration Area (Upper Exhibit Hall)

I met with my research advisor, GVSU Professor Friedlmeier, and fellow GVSU student researchers Lauren Beachum, Nicole Summers, and Shana Lucas to go over poster presentation guidelines and questions about registration, additional meeting times, etc.

Thursday 12:30-2:15pm  Legitimizing Ideologies and their Consequences  Salon 1

This session featured 6 talks:

  • Evaluating Harm-doers Based on their History of Victimization
  • Social Dominance or System Justification? A Meta-Theoretical Evaluation of Perspectives
  • Status, Threat, and Stereotypes: Understanding the Function of Rape Myths
  • Using Dyadic Reports of Sexist Attitudes to Understand Sexual Abuse
  • Opposing the Ground Zero Mosque for a Stronger America
  • The Effects of Black Exemplars After the Election of President Obama

The talks in this session discussed the mechanisms at work behind various beliefs that people hold as well as show evidence of how the use of individuals beliefs and stereotypes change depending on the type of situation. The research in this session was very recent and relevant to present problems in our society.

Thursday 3-4:30pm  For this session, I went back and forth between two topics and I was very interested to hear various talks from each. The specific talks that I attended for each are listed under the relative session heading.

Gender & Status  Salon 12

  • The Causes and Consequences of threats to Masculinity
  • Pursuing Desires not Duties: Perceiving Women as Motivated by Ideals
  • Sexual Standards, Sociosexuality, and the Double Standard: Consideration of Sex, Time, and Sociodemographic Factors

This research presented in these talks deepened my understanding of this subject by adding on to the material I learned about these topics from presentations I attended at this years Society for Research and Child Development biennial meeting. The research presented in this session discusses the root causes of threats to masculinity as well as views help by the general population to women, men and sexuality.

Child Psychology  Salon 10

  • Children's Emotion Regulation and its Link to Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, and Depressive Symptoms
  • Differences in Communication Patterns of Popular and Non-Aggressive Rejected Children

The research discussed in these talks explored the relationship emotion and emotional attributes such as aggression and psychological disorders or problems. Surprising correlations were presented and discussed that have important implications for the treatment and intervention within the area of child psychology.

Thursday 4:30-5pm  Social Psychology Poster Session 1  Upper Exhibit Hall

This poster session ran from 3pm to 5pm but I simply visited a few posters after the research talks I had attended had finished for the day. The following is a list of the posters I visited:

  • Racial Socialization among Black, White, and Integrated Schools and Neighborhoods
  • Any Mood is Better than No Mood at All
  • Sibling Relationships and Relation Between Romantic Expectations and Interparental Conflict
  • Is Gossip Power? The Inverse Relationships between Gossip, Power, & Likeability

Friday 10am-12:30pm  Clinical Poster Session  Upper Exhibit Hall

The posters I visited during this poster session were:

  • Ethnic Differences in Sexual Behavior and Condom Use
  • Big 5 Personality and Gender Differences in Sleep Quality
  • Diagnosis, Defenses, Symptoms and Maltreatment among Therapy Outpatients
  • Co-occurrence of Medical Conditions among Psychotic Disorder Probands and the First-Degree Relatives
  • Adolescent Depression and Discrepancies among Reported and Observed Maternal Warmth
  • Gender, Stress, Cognitive Avoidance and Depressive Symptoms: A Mediational Model
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Relationship Distress and Mixed-Message Communication
  • Gender Differences in Interpersonal Behavior in Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Conceptions of Child Competence: A Comparison between Caucasian and Hispanic Mothers
  • Associations between Sexual Orientation and Psychopathology at Two Tie Points
  • Forbidden Relationships and Betrayed Trust
  • Black Women's Perception of Domestic Violence Based on Radical Discrimination
  • Safety Planning for Young Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence
  • Emotional Maltreatment, Parental Alcoholism and Gender as Predictors of Maladaptive Interpersonal Schemas
  • How Young Women Make Meaning of the Role of Relationship in their Body Image Development
  • Identity and Disorder Eating: The Vulnerability of College Women
  • Self-Esteem and Body Satisfaction in Suicidal Ideation and Self-Inquiry
  • Effects of Violent Video Games and Music on Aggressive Cognitions

Friday 1-3pm  Development Poster Session  Upper Exhibit Hall

I presented my research poster at this session. It was entitled Emotion Socialization Strategies: A Comparison between Caucasian and Hispanic Mothers. It compared the emotion socialization practices of Caucasian-American mothers and Hispanic-American mothers to determine if there was any difference as a function of ethnicity. Our results showed that there were indeed cultural differences that corresponded with the varying cultural values of each ethnicity.

Saturday 9-10:30am  How to Publish your Journal Article  Salon 6 & 7

This was a seminar held by 3 speakers invited by the Midwestern Psychological Association, Lindsay MacMurray from APA Journals, Thomas Carr from Michigan State University, and Kentaro Fujita from Ohio State University. The panelists went through the outline of a good research manuscript, suggestions effective and efficient topic selections, how to interpret the comments by reviewers in order to effectively improve your manuscript as well as a behind-the-scenes description of the actual review and editorial processes that go on when an article is being reviewed for publication.

Saturday 11-12:30pm  Trauma & Resilience  Salon 10

This session consisted of the following 5 talks and concluded with a group question and answer and discussion session.

  • Religiosity and Generativity in Well-Being of Spinal Cord Injury Survivors
  • Stressful Events, Social Support and Coping Strategies
  • Hardiness and Psychosocial Health/Illness in Spinal Cord Injury Survivors
  • The Influence of Hardiness on Physical and Psychological Trauma Recovery
  • Posttraumatic Growth in Young Black Adults after Hurricane Katrina

This session covered research about the impact of social support and hardiness on recovery from various types and degrees of trauma. Evidence was surprising to show that social support and personal traits such as resilience and hardiness often had a more significant impact on recovery than factors traditionally thought to be salient such as religiosity and severity of trauma.

Saturday 12-1p  Social Psychology Poster Session II  Upper Exhibit Hall

This poster session began at 11am but I only went to the poster session after the talk on trauma and resilience ended. Following is a list of the posters I visited:

  • Attachment Orientation and the Relationship between Affect and Emotion Regulation Difficulties
  • Multidimensional Assessment of Self-Esteem among Females
  • Self-Esteem and Changes in Approval Contingencies of Self-Worth
  • Self-Enhancement Varies by Measurement, Race, Gender and Facial Attractiveness
  • Determinants of the Femininity-Pain Relationship: A Person by Situation Analysis
  • Terror Management and the Just World Belief
  • Just World Belief, Religiosity and Attributions of Responsibility for Misfortune
  • Responsibility/Blame Attributions as a Function of Victim/Offender Intoxication
  • Team Stupid and Team Evil: Biased Rationality and Motive Attributions
  • Where Ostracism Hurts the Most: Being Ignored vs. Being Excluded
  • Neuroticism and Loneliness: The Mediating Effect of Dysfunctional Family Dynamics
  • Development of Faith, Pseudoscience Belief and Critical Thinking
  • The Relationship between Religious Coping Methods and Depression
  • The Ironic Effects of Stereotype Suppression: Becoming Prejudice While Trying to be Egalitarian
  • A Brief Training Session Improves Detection of False Smiles

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