Undergraduate Research at GVSU

Undergraduate Student Research at GVSU

Why do Research at Grand Valley State University?

We understand picking a college or university is tricky. You have to figure out what works best for you. So, why GVSU? 

GVSU has countless research opportunities that will not only help your resume, but also help you learn a little bit about yourself. You will learn from your faculty mentor, the research experience, and even yourself, about what you're passionate about. Additionally, GVSU is a teaching-first institution that will put you first through your research experience.

If you want to learn more, feel free to contact the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship. We can pair you up with any one of our ambassadors who can explain the dos, don'ts, and benefits of research at GVSU.

Key Benefits of GVSU Research

  1. Get to Know Faculty. At most universities, hands-on experiences with faculty members are reserved for graduate students, but at GVSU we have faculty mentors working with undergraduate students as soon as the first year. GVSU faculty are looking for anyone who has a passion to do research. If you have the motivation, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship will advise you on how to find a faculty member to assist you in your research. Additionally, OURS hosts the Undergraduate Research Fair to help you network and to meet faculty who work with undergraduate students. Furthermore, GVSU is a teaching-focused institution, which means faculty members want you to succeed. 
  2. Access Resources. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship will help you along the way with the resources that you need: funding opportunities, networking opportunities, research opportunities, and more. 
  3. Build Your Portfolio. GVSU is a prominent university that is recognized for its scholars and research. Therefore, having a research background can add real-world experiences to your future job search, schooling, and more.
  4. Have Fun. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship takes pride in helping its students. Not only is research a fun experience, your collaborations with your faculty mentor and OURS is too! In fact, OURS always welcomes students to pop in for questions, say hi, and to shake our magic eight ball that we have at our front desk.

Student Spotlights

January 2019 Student Spotlight

GVSU senior works as OURS Student Ambassador

November 2018 Student Spotlight

GVSU Student Summer Scholar studies Ottawa County's water.

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We are accepting applications for the S3 and MS3 programs. Join us for the Proposal Workshop on December 2 at 4PM. You can find more information on our website: gvsu.edu/ours/ssp/

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gvsu_ours HUMANITIES SCHOLARS: Looking for a presentation opportunity? Check out the inaugural Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium! Abstract submission ends January 24th, so check out the link in our bio for more info!

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