Non-GVSU Presentation Opportunities

Sharing your work can help you expand your network of contacts who share your research interests. For undergraduate researcher who intend to complete a graduate degree, presenting can be an invaluable experience. OURS recommends discussing your interest in sharing your research with your faculty mentor. They can help match your interests with the appropriate venue.

Many conferences supporting various academic disciplines also offer opportunities for undergraduate researchers to present. Talk with your faculty advisors about the opportunities available in your field of study to present.

Presentation opportunities are categorized according to discipline. Please consult the individual websites for specific submission requirements and deadlines.

PLEASE NOTE: we are in the process of transitioning information to the Student Opportunity Center (SOC) database. We have not updated the links below since 2014. Many of the opportunities linked below will be in the SOC database.

Page last modified January 10, 2018