Interdisciplinary Publication Opportunities

Academic Leadership Journal in Student Research
The Academic Leadership Journal in Student Research is an annual, online, peer reviewed, international journal dedicated to the publication of student research (undergraduate and graduate) within all disciplines and of pedagogically based professional work that explores the intersection of student research with teaching and faculty research.

Cutting Edge: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Cutting Edge is a student-edited and peer-reviewed journal facilitating a community of discourse among students engaged in interdisciplinary research both locally and globally. The journal provides a forum in which to argue, synthesize, report and critique current issues in interdisciplinary theory and practice, and a site for interdisciplinary works from all disciplines.

Discussions is a peer reviewed research journal at Case Western Reserve University. It features research papers, review articles, and scholarly essays written by undergraduate students from any field. Its primary aims are to foster academic dialogue and to provide an opportunity for undergraduates to publish their scholarly work.

Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal
The Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal is an online journal for undergraduate students to publish their academic papers in. it is run by and for undergraduate students. The mission of LURJ is to support the literature written by undergraduates, and to promote discourse among people who have similar academic credentials and levels of accomplishment without introducing intimidation.

Pittsburg Undergraduate Review (PUR)
The purpose of the Pittsburg Undergraduate Review is to advance innovative undergraduate scholarship. PUR aims to bring research to the forefront of undergraduate awareness and to further intellectual innovations and pursuits, thereby energizing the academic community. PUR is a multidisciplinary journal that accepts papers from around the world.

Reinvention: a Journal of Undergraduate Research
Reinvention is an online, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publication of high-quality undergraduate student research. The journal welcomes academic articles from all disciplinary areas and accepts submissions from students worldwide. The journal is produced, edited and managed by students and staff at the University of Warwick and Oxford Brookes University.

Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal (SURJ)
SURJ is an annual peer-reviewed publication of research articles written primarily by Stanford undergraduates, but also well-qualified students at other institutions, from all academic fields. SURJ encourages any and all students to become interested in research by providing examples of what is studied in the various disciplines and by offering the means of communicating knowledge between the disciplines to achieve a holistic effect.

Student Pulse
Student Pulse believes that students have valuable ideas about the world. Unfortunately, most students only get to share their best ideas with their professors. Student Pulse changes that dynamic by giving students another venue to share their work. All articles are carefully reviewed, placing a high value on the use of references and the quality of works cited.

Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research
This publication is a refereed, multi-disciplinary, online undergraduate research journal open to all undergraduate students in the US and across the globe. The journal is dedicated to publishing the intellectual and reflective work by undergraduates on service learning, community-based research, and all related curriculum- and/or research-based public community engagement activities.

Xchanges is an interdisciplinary Technical Communication and Writing journal produced by the Technical Communication program at New Mexico Tech. The journal's mission is to publish articles and hypertextual new work by undergraduate and graduate student scholars on various topics relevant to the disciplines of Technical Communication, Compositions Studies, and Rhetoric and Writing.

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