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Why should a student do research?

The literature demonstrates that students who participate in undergraduate research benefit in the following ways:

  • Better understanding of career and education path
  • Greater problem solving skills
  • Better understanding of research methods
  • Deeper understanding of the discipline
  • Greater confidence and independence

In addition, the literature also indicates that student who participate in research and scholarship:

  • Are more satisfied with their college experience
  • Are retained and persist at a higher rate, both at university and within their major
  • Are more likely to be accepted to graduate and professional school and graduate.
  • Are more competitive when in job search

If I have a student who is interested in research, how do I make a referral to OURS?

We would love to work with your students.  Please email to refer the student.  This referral should include their name, G Number, majors, and possible research interests.  We ask that you copy the student, so we can connect directly with them and set up an appointment.

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