Beckman Scholars Program Faculty Mentor: Richard Lord, Ph.D.

Richard Lord received his B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Southern Indiana in 2005. He then pursued a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry (2010) with My-Hyun Baik at Indiana University, before moving to Detroit to perform post-doctoral work in physical chemistry with Berny Schlegel at Wayne State University. Since 2012, undergraduates in his group at GVSU have been exploring unusual electronic structures in transition metal complexes with nitrogen-rich ligands, and predicting the consequences of these unusual electron configurations on structure, bonding, and spectroscopic signatures. A second focus is elucidating reaction mechanisms, such as the Ni-catalyzed reduction of carbon dioxide into value-added species that may allow for non-petroleum based, renewable fuels.

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Dr. Richard Lord

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