Beckman Scholars Program Faculty Mentor: Kevin Strychar, Ph.D.

Dr. Kevin Strychar is trained as a cell biologist who specializes in integrative ecology, bridging disciplines of climate change, cellular interactions, and comparative immunology. Over the years, his research has evolved from looking at how climate change (heat stress) burdens benthic invertebrates to comparative cell biology. What excites him about this kind of research is its continued growth and productivity not only in marine science, but also into aquatic ecology, resulting in new lines of inquiry, research, and funding. Projects currently being pursued include viruses in the Great Lakes, Harmful Algal Blooms, cellular responses to herbicide treatments, cereal crop pathogens, and the effects of climate change on coral reefs. For more information, please view his website and feel free to contact him.

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Dr. Kevin Strychar

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