Art Education Activities Summary Example

2011 National Art Education Association Convention

Sessions and Seminars Attended:

Stereotyping: Re/Presentations of the Hostile Imagination  Dr. Wanda Knight

  • At this session we worked together to discuss what stereotypes are out there, what people are doing about it, and how we, as art educators, can help break them down!

Jewelry! Jewelry! Jewelry! High School Curriculum Presentation  Linda Nelson Bova

  • This session was jammed pack with information for me! Metals is my emphasis area and where I want to teach in the high school. This is also the area I got a long term substitute position in; I needed to hear everything this teacher knew about incorporating Jewelry/Metals into a high school. Her knowledge was tremendous! She had eight levels at her school (this is crazy)! She shared valuable resources, suppliers, and tips. The room was packed and my notes were six pages long!

Opening Night Event: Crayola at the Experience Music Project

  • The Experience Music Project building was an amazing form of art! I have never seen a building like it. I took numerous pictures and was astonished by the outside and inside! The actual museum held information all pertaining to music, the artists, and the tools they use! I could have spent hours in there.

1st General Session- Mark Dion: Co-Sponsored by Art:21

  • This was a session I was looking forward to ever since I got the e-mail with all of the keynote speakers in it. Art:21 is an awesome education resource for educators. They explore 21st century artists, in this case Mark Dion, and create videos with lesson ideas to go with them incorporating themes or Big Ideas. A lot of our lessons created in the art education program at GVSU are based off of this model.
  • Mark Dion is an artist who created the Neukom Vivarium. The Neukom Vivarium is a piece of art located at Seattle, Washington's outdoor Olympic Sculpture Park, right on the bay. The piece includes a large fallen tree found in the forests surrounding Seattle. Mark Dion then excavated the tree, took it into the park and city in order to recreate the trees natural environment. This allows the tree to continue to give and support the life it usually would have in the forest. The recreation is artificial and inside of a building, but it is a wonderful piece to experience!
  • Mark Dion discussed this work along with his art making process and how he came up with the Neukom Vivarium piece. His ideas and processes are fabulous and inspiring! I look forward to incorporating him, his work, and his collaborative environment into my future classroom! I also look forward to sharing his work and ideas with fellow students and art educators!

Local Artist Series: Using Design and Art as an Innovating Principal at Google  Missy Krasner (Product Marketing Manager), Mike Dutton (Web Designer and Doodler, Google)

  • This session was all about the designs found on the website, Google. If you notice the word Google always has a different look and theme. Mike Dutton is one of the several doodlers behind that image. He shared the evolution of the idea and where they are at today.
  • We were lucky enough to be staying in the same hotel as him and ran into him in the lobby the evening before the presentation. We asked him several questions about working at Google and if it was all everyone says it is. It is! Google does seem to be one of the happiest places to work!

Vendors Exhibition Hall

  • I left extra room in my luggage so I could bring home posters from vendors and universities, books I bought, free lesson plans, sample materials, etc. I was able to enter into drawings, find out what books are out there to use in my classroom, where I can find the best deals, and networked with suppliers and educators.

How to get Your Student Chapter Involved in Your Local Community  Kelly Junis, Rebecca Bartlett, Stephanie Christy, and Mary Powell

  • This was our presentation. It went well. We were able to share our contact information and help out some schools across the country with starting student chapters!

The Sewing Machine as a drawing Tool  Laura Sapelly

  • The sewing machine has been something I have wanted to incorporate into my own work and lessons for a long time! It was wonderful to see demonstrations of the technique and what materials/resources are necessary to include in a middle school or high school art room.

Altered Books, Altered Minds  Amy Keenan-Amago, Kathleen Patton

  • This project was similar to a project I have done before with students, but I wanted to see how they did it and if there were any ways I could improve my lesson. I gained several new ideas and ways of managing my classroom better during the project.

Creative Concepts: Form, Function, and Design  Lynn Felts, Lorinne Lee

  • This session was presented by two award winning art teachers from the NAEA. I was looking forward to hearing what they had to say. I was unfortunately disappointed with what information they shared. I did, however, gain perspective on how well prepared and trained I am after going through the Art Education program at Grand Valley State University! I learned that my classmates and I should have presented on the lessons we have and have done in our teacher assisting and student teaching! I felt confident I will be a valuable asset to whatever school I get hired at after leaving this session!

What is Fair Assessment?: Innovative Classroom Examples for 21st Century Learners  Deborah Sickler-Voigt

  • This session was also a little disappointing. I realized everything we discussed; I discussed in my education classes and have been practicing what they are teaching. However, I did learn some valuable communication strategies with parents that's always helpful!

Super Session- Art:21 Presents& A Conversation with Mark (Dion)- Artistic Inquiry and Inquiry-Based Learning- Connecting Contemporary Artistic Practice with Teaching Practice

  • This was a follow up to the previously mentioned general session with Mark Dion. I was able to hear Mark Dion and his work, Neukom Vivarium, discussed in a panel discussion. Several educators from various areas of education (museum, k12, and wildlife), discussed how they view and use Mark Dion's work in their educational setting. I gained valuable knowledge about how to get to the root of the issues with my students and what kind of questions to ask to get there.

Exhibits Attended:

Seattle Art Museum- Nick Cave: Meet me at the Center of the Earth

  • I had never been to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), but was looking forward to this ever since I got off of the air plane and saw how much art was spread across the city. The SAM was filled with many artists I had never seen before, but only hear of in my art history books, like Jackson Pollock, Jeff Koons, and several other contemporary artists.
  • The exhibit showing was Nick Caves, Meet me at the Center of the Earth. The title references Alice in Wonderlands idea of what's at the center of the Earth or in the rabbit hole. The work on display was amazing and beautiful! Fellow classmates and I said it was one of the best exhibits we had ever seen! The work, amount of time, attention to detail, and ideas behind Nick Caves exhibit was more than I had expected! We wished we would have been allowed to take pictures of the full body suits made with hair, buttons, sweaters, fringe, rugs, etc.! Cave likes to think about what the person wearing the suits hear during it. They become more than just costumes, it becomes a performance.

Olympic Sculpture Park- Featured Artists: Richard Serra, Mark Dion Neukom Vivarium, and Claus Oldenburg

  • Again, I was able to see work I had only heard about in art history books. I was also able to view Mark Dions Neukom Vivarium and was amazed by the size and location! Unfortunately the actual building was closed due to the lack of volunteers on duty for it to be open. I also gained some perspective with our very own sculpture park in Grand Rapids, Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. We have a wonderful resource in our backyard!

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