Symphony Orchestra - Audition

WINTER 2022 Orchestra STRINGS Audition/Chair Placement Information


  1. Download and practice your Audition Material (see below) and note the following AUDITION TIMES in Dr. Mahave-Veglia's Studio (upstairs)
    • Monday, January 10 (first day of class)
      • 12:00 PM VIOLINS
      • 1:15 PM VIOLAS
      • 2:00 PM CELLOS
      • 2:30 PM BASSES
  2. If you did not play this fall semester or if your contact information has changed, please let Dr. Duitman know this at
  3. If you need a permit to register for MUS 103 send Dr. Duitman your G number and he will give you the permit.

NOTE: Students auditioning should all arrive at the same time in the upstairs hall to sign in.  You will be assigned an order, and perform your audition behind a screen.  However, if you have a class during your audition time, we will work you in during the regular rehearsal 1:00 - 2:20 time period.


VIOLIN           VIOLA          CELLO          BASS

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