Contractor FAQ - Pew Campus

Operations Office Hours
Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 7a - 5p.

Operations Contact Info
Phone: (616) 331-6700
Fax: (616) 331-7289 Dept email:

Directions to Pew Campus
Pew Campus
Directions to Regional Centers (Muskegon/Holland)
Map of Holland Regional Centers
Map of Muskegon Regional Centers

Contractor Keys
Building keys are available to be signed out on a day-to-day basis from the Pew Campus Operations department, located at 350 Bicycle Factory (201 Front Ave. SW). Keys can be picked up/dropped off during normal office hours.
Contractors may also sign Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences (CHS) keys out from the Operations desk in the lobby on the main floor of CHS at 301 Michigan. Same rules apply for sign-out and use.

Please be prepared to let us know who your GVSU contact is that has coordinated your work. If we are not aware of the work we will need to confirm the work with your contact before issuing keys.

Parking Permits
You will need to obtain a vendor parking permit from the Pew Campus Security office, located on the 1st floor of the Eberhard Center (301 West Fulton) or if going to CHS, you may obtain a permit from the officer at the lobby front desk. Please be prepared to show a valid driver's license and also to provide your license plate number from your vehicle.

Please park in designated service vehicle parking spots whenever possible. Be aware that if you do not get a permit for your marked company vehicle and no service vehicle parking spots are available, it is likely that you may get ticketed by Pew Campus Security.
Parking in loading docks is not permitted beyond a 15 minute loading/unloading time.

Parking permits are valuable, please lock your vehicle.

Hot Work Program
This program applies to GVSU employees and contractors who perform or supervise hot work activities in existing buildings, new construction in existing buildings, and new construction that is attached to existing buildings.
All hot work that involves using an open flame, or which generates heat, sparks, slag or other superheated materials requires compliance with the Hot Work Program guidelines and the completion of a Hot Work Permit BEFORE commencing work. If you are in need of a Hot Work Permit, or have any additional questions, please contact Pew Campus Operations at (616) 331-6700.

Miss Dig
Please be sure to notify Pew Campus Operations prior to digging on the Pew Campus. The contractor or project manager will be responsible to call MISS DIG at 1-800-482-7171. Pew Campus Operations will not call MISS DIG.

Billing Address
Grand Valley State University
2015 JHZ
1 Campus Drive
Allendale, MI 49401
ATTN: (Name of person that contacted you for work)

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