Getting Started

Online and hybrid academic courses at Grand Valley generally follow the regular semester schedule and are not self-paced. While some classroom or synchronous time may be required for hybrid courses, and some synchronous time may be required for online, the majority of coursework is available online - any place, anytime.  

Whether enrolled in a fully online course or a hybrid online course, online learning requires self-discipline. Most online learners report that they have to be more self-directed and organized than in a traditional course. Your professor will be your teacher and your facilitator. Most likely, you will equally rely on your classmates and your own self-directed learning to master the course content.

For fun:
One indicator of success in an online course is the learner's need for the online format.

Visit this Online Learning Cost Savings Calculator by the SUNY Learning Network to see how much money you might be able to save!

Page last modified July 7, 2017