Blackboard Tutorial

It is a good idea to make sure that you are comfortable with Blackboard prior to the beginning of classes. Go through the Introduction to Blackboard self-paced tutorial site to familiarize yourself with the technology that you may be using in your course.

To access the tutorial,

  • Go to the Blackboard log-in site,
  • Click on "Guest Access"
  • Instead of logging in, find the Blackboard Tutorial box
  • Click on the "Introduction to Blackboard" link.

This will take you directly into the tutorial.

Please note that you only have "guest" access at this level, which will provide a preview to many of the Blackboard features, but communication tools are only available to those who use their GVSU username and password.

If you would like full access to the tutorial, and you have a GVSU username and password, please email with the following, "Please enroll me in the Blackboard tutorial." Within 12-24 hours you will be enrolled in the tutorial site and when you log-in to Blackboard, you will see it listed as a course in which you are enrolled, with full access.

When going through the Introduction to Blackboard tutorial, be sure to verify that your computer meets the minimum technology standards to run the standard GVSU software. Although it is possible that your initial course will not use all of the available features, you should test them just to be certain. You will be prompted to do this in the tutorial site.

Page last modified October 14, 2016