Summary of Concerns


  • Evaluative Relationships: 53 (supervisor/employee, faculty, student, etc.)
  • Peer Relationships18 (issues about respect, trust communication, etc.)
  • Career/Academic Progression/Development44 (application processes, job classification, resignation, etc.)
  • Safety/Health/Environment/Financial: 29 (working conditions, parking, housing, security, health, financial, etc.)
  • Values/Ethics/Standards2 (code of conduct, plagiarism, research misconduct, etc.)
  • Policy Violations: 5 (legal, regulatory, financial, compliance, criminal activity, fraud, harassment, discrimination, etc.)
  • Services/Administration2 (equality, timeliness of services, administrative decisions)
  • Organizational Issues13 (strategic and mission related, leadership, organizational climate, reorganization, etc.)

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