Mission: To empower, advocate, and educate new and returning students who identify with the Latino culture as they pursue their social and academic endeavors. Through the implementation of effective programming, community outreach, and the support of faculty/staff mentors, Hermanos aims to increase Latino male retention, progression, graduation and leadership.

Vision: The vision of the Latino Male Scholar Initiative (Hermanos) is to foster a safe place for Latino male development. With established relationships with faculty, staff and community organizations, students will feel connected, included and motivated to be emerging leaders.

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Laker Familia 2014 group picture


- Be a resource for students transitioning into undergraduate and post graduate education.

- Create a space for Latino males to discuss obstacles, barriers and ultimately successes.

- Connect students with faculty mentors.

- Increase student involvement while addressing issues facing the community at large through activism, service learning and community outreach/partnerships.

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Hermanos Program Coordinator

Santiago Gayton
Fraternity and Sorority Life Coordinator
Office of Student Life
Phone: (616) 331-2345

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