Oboe Studio 2020-2021

Welcome Natalie Feldpausch (BA Performance Honors)Natalie Kline (BA Performance Honors), and Lauren Schnickele (BME Performance Honors) to the GVSU Oboe Studio!   

Natalie Feldpausch

Natalie Feldpausch holding her oboe in front of her piano

Bachelor of Arts with Performance Honors

School: homeschooled
Influential teacher: Dr. Gretchen Morse

"I decided to play oboe after watching Barbie Swan lake and falling in love with its sound. I love basketball, water sports, piano, late-night slushee runs, and going to horrocks with my friends." 




Natalie Kline

Natalie Kline standing in the flower field

Bachelor of Arts with Performance Honors

School: Coopersville High School
Influential teacher: Mrs. Borst

I graduated from Coopersville High School. One of my most influential teachers was my band director, Mrs.Borst, who is actually a GVSU Alumni. She's the teacher who let me try the oboe and discover the unique world of music that not many can understand. She has taught me a multitude of things about music and how it can shape an individual's life. She was actually a part of the reason I decided to play the oboe. The other reason I decided to play the oboe was because I was intrigued by its unique sound. I liked how different the oboe was compared to other instruments such as its sound it produced and the reed that produced to vibrations to create the dark underlying sound. During high school, I was involved with Sideline Cheer, Competitive Cheer, and Tennis for all 4 years. Outside of sports, I was involved with the Band Leadership Team along with being Drum Major at my school. During my little free time, I enjoy working out, camping, and exploring different parks in Michigan. 


Lauren Schnicke

Lauren Schnicke holding her oboe

Bachelor of Music Education with Performance Honors

"I went to Kent City High School. Some influential teachers I have had are my private lessons teacher, Kathy Gomez, and my band director (and father), Jonathan Schnicke. I have also loved working with the woodwind caption head and GVSU alum Jason Rees. I decided to start playing oboe because I saw Kathy Gomez playing oboe in the Grand Rapids Symphony and thought it sounded cool! As silly as that sounds, that’s all it took to make me fall in love with the oboe. I have a passion for music in other areas as well. I sing, as well as play bass guitar, percussion, and marched with Legends Drum and Bugle Corps the last few summers." 

Dan Moening

Dan Moening holding his oboe

Bachelor of Music Education

"I graduated from Milford High school in 2017, I've had many teachers, but the ones who've influenced me the most are my A.P. Environmental Science teacher, my middle school music teacher, and a handful of professors at Grand Valley. I initially wanted to play the clarinet, but was unable to produce any sound, and thus started my trip on the oboe. My favorite things to do are play video games, listen to music while cooking, and learning miscellaneous things in my down time (fun fact, owning a tank is legal as long as the weapons systems are either disabled or properly registered in your state)."

Sidney Zuccaro

Sidney Zuccaro holding her oboe

Bachelor of Music Education with Performance Honors

"I graduated from Fraser High School in 2019. High School brought some of the most influential music educators through my path including Michael Perkins and James Rodgers. I decided to play the oboe in 8th when Mr. Perkins handed one to me and asked me to give it a try. I picked it up quite fast which fueled a passion to get better and take lessons. I took lessons from Lauren Vechinski for 4 years and decided to further my studies at GVSU. Aside from playing the oboe, I love to hammock, hike in the woods, and bake!"


Christoper Lamus photo portrait in a suit

Computer Science Major
Ensemble Participant

"I’m Christopher Lamus I’ve been playing oboe for around 3-4 years now. I started playing sophomore year of high school and am now a sophomore in college! I’m currently studying computer engineering at GVSU. Music has become a passion of mine and I’ve been able to express that through the GVSUs music program. I’m thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given and can’t wait to continue growing!"


Natalie Feldpausch