Campus Climate Concerns

As you interact with people at GVSU who are similar and different from you, each of us has a tremendous opportunity to learn from one another - to gain an understanding of our differences, and to celebrate all that makes us valued members of the community.

We strive to create an inclusive and equitable campus community where people are treated with dignity and respect, but sometimes we fall short of our goal and members of the community have campus climate concerns. These are times when people may feel belittled, disrespected, or isolated based on their identity. When these things happen, we want to know about it!

When campus climate concerns are reported:

  • Grand Valley facilitates educational dialogue to ensure that individuals understand both their right to free expression within the community and the impact of their expression on individuals and/or the community.
  • Any time an incident is reported, through the Campus Climate Concerns system, the reporting party will be contacted and informed about support resources available to them at the university.

Team Against Bias - Speak Up

Importantly, we want every person in the GVSU community to be an active bystander when they hear or witness campus climate concerns.  We want you to “Speak Up!