myLaker is here to help!

GVSU will soon be releasing a virtual assistant application called myLaker. myLaker, accessible through Amazon’s Alexa app starting in January 2020, will give users access to important university information in mere seconds, without having to search through websites or make a single phone call.

The first version of the application will include answers to the most commonly asked questions we hear from people across campus. Quickly following the initial release, the application will allow users to connect to their student records to ask even more questions specific to their needs on campus. Over time, myLaker will continue to improve. As users ask questions, the application will learn more about the information they need.

We need your help to make myLaker a valuable tool that interacts and responds quickly, accurately and in a comprehensive, human-like manner. As we train myLaker to better serve your needs it will be helpful to know what kinds of questions you would like to ask.

Share a question you'd have for myLaker.