Why does campus climate matter

for students?

  • How students experience their campus environment influences both learning and developmental outcomes (1). 
  • Discriminatory environments have a negative effect on student learning (2).
  • A diverse faculty and student body enhances learning outcomes (3)(4).
  • Quite simply, students thrive in healthy environments, free of the negativity of discrimination, where inclusion and respect for diversity is the daily norm.

Students at MIPL

for faculty and staff?

  • Faculty members, administrators and staff members are significantly impacted by campus climate (5).
  • The personal and professional development of employees is greatly enhanced through a healthy working environment. 
  • Faculty members, for example, who consider their campus climate healthy and inclusive are more likely to feel personally and professionally supported and perceive their work unit as more supportive. 
  • There is also a direct relationship between workplace discrimination and negative job and career attitudes (6)(7)(8). Faculty and staff who have encountered prejudice directly attribute its negative effects to decreased health and well being.
  • Creating a healthy campus climate is as important for faculty and staff as it is for students.

Faculty Awards Convocation

for the university?

(Why conduct a climate assessment? What are the outcomes?)

  • To support GVSU’s goal to be diverse and inclusive and values for inclusiveness and community
  • To better understand the experiences and perceptions of all members of the community related to equity and inclusion
  • To improve the environment for working and learning on campus for all members of the community, including underrepresented members of the community
  • To continue to engage the campus community in dialogue related to diversity and inclusion, and foster greater visibility, information-sharing, and the building on a common knowledge-base
  • To provide GVSU with longitudinal data to guide new and enhanced strategic initiatives related to campus climate
  • To respond to a culture of assessment and data-driven decision-making in higher education

Allendale campus

“At GVSU, we are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where every single member of the community can be their authentic selves, proudly and safely." -Vice President Jesse Bernal

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