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This form is for information requests regarding results from the myGVSU Climate Survey 2015.  Please consult the 2015 Expanded Findings before requesting data. In addition, consulting the survey instrument will make it easier to determine what analysis is possible. We are happy to provide specific groups on campus with cross-sectional data pertaining to their area of work. For example, the Student Parent Committee might request data on the perceptions and experiences of all respondents who identified as both students and parents. Appointing officer approval (departments) or committee chair approval (committees) required before requests are submitted. HRRC protocols require that the Vice President of Inclusion and Equity review and make an approval or other determination for all data requests. Please be patient as we work to honor requests in a timely and accurate fashion (7-14 days).

If you are interested in doing your own analysis of raw data for a specific project, please contact with details of your project. Such requests will be honored under limited circumstances.

The Division of Inclusion and Equity is available upon request to assist departments and committees in developing strategic actions that respond to the results of the data requests. Additionally, departments and committees should send updates on actions/initiatives informed by the data to to be highlighted at

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