myBlueLaker wants your questions!

This fall, GVSU introduced a virtual assistant application called myBlueLaker. myBlueLaker is a fast and easy way for GVSU students to get the answers they need anywhere, anytime, including building info, personalized registration and class details, grade updates, and so much more (sorry, it won't have answers for homework, tests, or exams!) -- all from one place and without making a call or searching the Internet. 

The first version of the application includes answers to the most commonly asked questions we hear from people across campus as well as allowing users to connect to their student records to ask even more questions specific to their needs on campus. Over time, myBlueLaker will continue to improve. As users ask questions, the application will learn more about the information they need.

myBlueLaker is available in your browser, in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store.

We’d like your help making myBlueLaker the most valuable tool possible - please share ideas for questions you'd like to ask.

Share a question you have for myBlueLaker.