New Registration Override Features

For Faculty/Staff:

As of July 2015:


There are two new features of the registration override system. The first feature is a new form, SZACROM, which allows the user to grant PMT or permit overrides to an entire group of students at once. Granting overrides via SZACROM does not cause an automatic email to be sent to the student. There is a training packet and instructional video available at As a faculty/staff member who has authority to grant registration overrides, you already have access to this form in Banner INB. 


The second added feature is a new approval status that does NOT send an automatic email to the student. The new status is O  Orientation  Approved. It can be used at any time in which you need to grant registration approval but do not wish for an email to be sent to the student automatically. The new status functions the same way as the current A-Approve status in that you must still add the appropriate override in order for the student to be able to register. 


Feel free to contact Laura Przybytek at, or call the Records/Registration office at 331-3327 if you have any questions. 

Page last modified March 2, 2016