Clarinet Day

Grand Valley State University Clarinet Day

March 23, 2018

If you want to discover more ways to practice and the motivation to do so, join us!!

Everyone Rehearses & Performs


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2018 Clarinet Day Schedule:

9:15   Registration - Haas Center for Performing Arts
9:30   Clarinet Choir - clarinet choir rehearsal
10:30  High School Master Class
11:30 Clarinet sectionals Master class
12:30  Lunch - Ensemble Room 
1:15   GVSU Clarinet Studio recital
2:15   Clarinet Pedagogy Class presentations 
3:15   Move to CDC for Clarinet Choir warm-up in Cook DeWitt Center 
4:00   Clarinet Choir Performance in Cook DeWitt Center 
                - High School and University students play together
                - Reception
 4:30   Clarinet Day ends

Contact Information

Dr. Arthur Campbell

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