B.M.E. - Bachelor of Music Education

A Comprehensive Program
The Bachelor of Music Education degree is a professional degree program. Substantial training in music combines with professional music education study and collaboration with the GVSU College of Education. The program enables students to meet certification requirements for teaching music in Michigan elementary and public schools. The program has two tracks, vocal/choral and instrumental, both of which result in K-12 Music Certification.

The Core Music Program
Musical training at GVSU emphasizes solo and ensemble performance for all students. The core program also includes music theory, aural perception, music history, and keyboard musicianship courses.

Music Methods
Choral teaching method experiences are acquired in class and in observation and tutoring of public school students. In addition to basic methods, students in the vocal/choral emphasis are afforded the unusual opportunity to work with developing singers from local public schools as part of a newly created course, "Teaching the Developing Voice."

Instrumental music education students are given extensive training in an eight-semester sequence of voice and brass, woodwind, string, percussion instruments. Skills are further developed in the conducting class lab band/orchestra.

Beyond general teaching methods, B.M.E. instrumental students study the tenets of marching band techniques both in the classroom and on the field.

Keyboard Musicianship
An intensive keyboard musicianship curriculum and state-of-the-art piano lab enable students with all entering keyboard backgrounds to develop functional keyboard skills essential for music teaching success. Private study is encouraged and offered beyond the four-semester sequence of group study.

Professional Preparation
Students receive extensive field experience in a one-year practicum, consisting of one semester of half-day teacher assisting and one semester of full-day student teaching. Classes and seminars taken concurrently with the practicum allow students to continually identify and address issues crucial to effective music teaching.

A collegiate chapter of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) is an active student organization in the Music Department. Service work, professional development, and music education advocacy are the group's primary missions.

Questions about the Music Education program at Grand Valley State University can be directed to: Charles Norris, Coordinator of Music Education, at (616) 331-3385 or e-mail norrisc@gvsu.edu and Beth Gibbs, Associate Professor of Music Education, at (616) 331-2837 or e-mail gibbsb@gvsu.edu.

Teachable Minor
Students interested in a second area of certification are encouraged to contact the CLAS Advising Center (616-331-8585). An additional teachable minor would require up to one year of extra course work in that area. College of Education requirements would count for both teachable areas, with pre-service teaching distributed between certification areas.

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