B.M. - Bachelor of Music in Performance

The Bachelor of Music degree in Performance is a professional degree program. Although GVSU's required general education curriculum (for all degree programs) forms part of the BM in Performance curriculum and provides a sound liberal arts context for professional study, the main emphasis is on music performance. Designed for students who demonstrate exceptional ability and a particular interest in concentrating on performance at the undergraduate level, it is chosen often as preparation for graduate-level performance study in a master's or doctoral degree program. Professional performance and/or college-level teaching may be the primary goal.

Instruction in piano, harpsichord, organ, voice, guitar, harp, string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments is normally available. Students admitted to this program must complete a minimum of 84 credit hours in music, depending on track (vocal or instrumental) and initial keyboard placement. BM students must fulfill department concert attendance expectations, attend music major meetings, complete keyboard musicianship requirements, and perform a faculty-approved half-recital during the junior year and a full recital in the senior year. Before the junior year, students in this degree program also take appropriate literature and pedagogy courses. While students interested in composition or jazz often elect the BA degree course of study, BM students with abilities in composition and/or jazz studies have the opportunity to develop these skills as a secondary area within the BM program as well.

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