B.A. (Music) - Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts (in Music) is a liberal arts degree program. The Bachelor of Arts degree program offers the most flexible university curriculum and emphasizes the study of music as a liberal art. This degree incorporates a foreign language component and offers an appropriate terminal degree for a wide variety of career choices. It is elected also by some who wish to prepare for graduate programs in music theory, music history, composition, jazz, or careers in related fields, such as library science and arts management. The BA degree offers an appropriate background also to students preparing for careers in independent studio teaching. There is sufficient room within the B.A. to provide also for acquisition of skills related to our technological environment. Students electing a B.A. in music must complete a minimum of 50 credit hours in music, depending on track (vocal or instrumental) and initial keyboard placement, toward the total of 120 required for the degree. Students are expected to attend concerts regularly, attend scheduled music major meetings, complete the keyboard musicianship requirement before achieving junior status, and perform a faculty approved half-recital during the senior year.

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B.A. in Music

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