Fall 2020 Class Auditions

Bard to Go and Acting for Clinical Simulations

bard to go

Hamlet Arnott and Alex Coy in Bard to Go: Tossing on the Ocean.

Bard to Go AND Acting for Clinical Simulations Auditions Spring 2020

Auditions for the Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival’s Bard to Go Fall 2020 Production and for the Acting for Clinical Simulations class, taught by Alli Metz will take place by video audition.  Video auditions should be completed and submitted by MIDNIGHT on TUESDAY, APRIL 28th.  Callbacks for each production will be held by video conference on dates to be determined and scheduled with those who submit video auditions.  Instructions for video submission are in the next section.

Being cast in either production means enrolling in the appropriate classTHE 400 for Bard to Go and THE 380 section 1 for Acting for Clinical Simulations. Because both classes meet on Fridays, students cannot be cast in both.

Bard to Go

About Bard to Go Production

The director for the fall 2020 Bard to Go has yet to be determined.  Casting will be done by Shakespeare Festival managing director Jim Bell and Bard to Go dramaturg Katherine Mayberry.  The Bard to Go script will consist of scenes from a variety of Shakespeare’s plays.  Creation of final script will be in part dependent on the actors cast.  Casting needs are as follows:

  • 6 or 7 actors of any gender, race, identity, and ability.  Every actor in Bard to Go will be cast in multiple roles.
  • All cast slots may contain cross-gendered or gender-fluid casting
  • All cast slots may require some minor stage combat
  • All cast slots may require some mild physical contact with other actors, including kisses between characters who are romantically involved
  • Please note: you will fill out an audition form to go with your video submission which allows you to state things that you are not comfortable doing in performance.

Bard to Go Class and Performances

Bard to Go rehearsals take place during class meetings on Mondays from 4:30-5:45 p.m. and all day on Fridays.  Bard to Go performances at schools require full day travel on Fridays.  All actors must be available for these schedule slots.  Bard to Go will also have several public performances at the GVSU Allendale campus.

Acting for Clinical Simulations

THE 380 FALL 2020

“Acting for Clinical Simulations” will be a special topics class offered by the Theatre program (taught by Alli Metz) in Fall 2020 as part of a partnership with Allied Health Sciences. THE 380 is a 2-3 credit course that will train students in long-form, improvisational acting techniques specifically tailored for student actors to work in role as a simulated patient (SP) in clinical health provider education. Long-form improvisational acting exercises and activities, in addition to specialized research techniques, will provide the basic skills necessary for possible future employment as a simulated patient for students in the Physician Assistant’s program. Students must audition to enroll. Class will meet Fridays from 11-2 and is capped at 10 students.

Audition Video Requirements and How to Submit

Audition Video Requirements and Guidelines

For your audition, you will need to have one fully memorized monologue, either contemporary or classical, 1-2 minutes long.  The monologue should be from a published play.  Please begin your video by stating your name, the character you are playing, the title of the play, and the name of the playwright.  You may record your video on your laptop or phone — this does not need to be professionally recorded!  Your video does not need to show you from head to toe.  Plan a shot that places you in the center, and shows you from the waist or chest up.  Please choose a background that is relatively neutral, such as a blank wall.  We suggest recording and watching yourself multiple times so that you can make sure that you are visible and audible throughout the video and make adjustments as necessary.

How to submit your video audition

After you record your video, you need to upload it to some sort of service where you can share it with Jim, Alli, and Katherine. You can post it to a Google Drive, or Dropbox or Cloud drive or such that allows you to then share a link giving access to view to whomever you email the link. Another option would be to upload it to your YouTube channel. You can do so as a private listing and then share the link to it with Alli, Jim, and Katherine. Once you have uploaded the video, email the link AND the completed audition form to Alli, Jim, and Katherine if you are auditioning for both Bard to Go and the Acting for Clinical Simulations class. If you only want to be considered for one or the other, email it just to Jim and Katherine for Bard to Go, and just to Alli for the Acting for Clinical Simulations class. Jim and Katherine will contact you to make video conference callback arrangements for Bard to Go, and Alli will contact you about doing so for Acting for Clinical Simulations.

Jim Bell bellja@gvsu.edu  |  Katherine Mayberry maybekat@gvsu.edu  |  Alli Metz metza@gvsu.edu.