HCPA Room Request Form

Please use this form to request a room in the Haas Center for Performing Arts. Your room reservation is not confirmed until you receive an email back. If you are submitting a request with less than 48 hours notice, please send a follow-up email to Cassie DeHaan at [email protected]

*Requests made from those outside of the Music, Theatre, and Dance Department are not guaranteed a space. 

View the room calendars before submitting your request using the links below.

To view the start and end times of each event, click the "Week" button in the upper right corner. 

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Reservations of the Louis Armstrong Theatre (LAT) and Linn Maxwell Keller Black Box Theatre (KBB) may only be requested in accordance with the following:

Section 1: Requesting Entity

  1. Requests for these spaces must be submitted through the online room request form.
  2. Only requests from official Grand Valley State University (GVSU) units, departments, and organizations may be approved.
  3. Student groups requesting to use these spaces MUST have a GVSU faculty or staff advisor in attendance for the duration of both the rehearsal and event.
  4. If the event is not being planned, run, and managed by a GVSU entity then the event may not take place in LAT or KBB. 

Section 2: Availability of the Theatres

  1. While the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance (MTD) will do its best to accommodate requested dates, availability of the theatres is also based upon the availability of MTD support staff. 

Section 3: Ticketing

  1. Requesting entities may not ticket for their events hosted in LAT or KBB, and events must be free to attend.
    1. The MTD has an exclusive ticketing contract for the theatres in the Haas Center for Performing Arts.

Section 4: Time Limits for Events

  1. Events are limited to four (4) hours in length. This includes setup time before and cleanup time after the event. An additional one-and-a-half (1.5) hours for rehearsal may be reserved directly before the scheduled event time or on a separate date no more than five (5) days prior to the scheduled event.
  2. Requests for additional time beyond the times outlined above must be requested a minimum of five (5) days in advance. Approval for these requests is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of MTD and based on support staff availability. 

Section 5: Support and Technical Needs

  1. MTD will provide the following:
    1. One (1) person to operate the lighting and sound system.
    2. Lighting is limited to white full stage lighting up and down, and lights in the seating area up and down.
    3. Sound is limited to two (2) microphones (lapel or handheld) and a playback of audio tracks from files or from a portable audio device (cell phone, iPad, etc.). Audio tracks to be played must be provided at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of their use.
    4. Use of a theatre projector and screen. Projector connection can be made on stage or in the tech booth.
    5. Up to fifty (50) chairs and four (4) folding tables.
  2. Requesting entities will provide the following:
    1. A laptop if needed for projection, adapters for the laptop, and a person to run the computer if it is not the presenter.
    2. Any and all stage decoration.

Section 6: Using the LAT Lobby, Catering, and Food Services

  1. Requesting entities wishing to also reserve the LAT Lobby for refreshments for their event must submit a separate request for the LAT Lobby.
  2. Requesting entities must adhere to the university catering policies.
  3. Requesting entities should also ensure that the appropriate tables, chairs, etc are requested for their event.

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