Choral Ensembles Audition Information

Winter 2021

For the Winter 2021 semester, auditions for all GVSU choral ensembles will be conducted virtually. Please follow the steps on this page to audition.

All choral ensembles at GVSU are open to all students, regardless of major. 

Step 1: Watch This Video

This video should give you all the information you need to audition for a choir this year! If you have any questions, you can reach Dr. Wallace at

Step 2: Record Your Audition

<p> <a href="/cms4/asset/5888BBF7-E63E-25A3-2C23C6A679258F5D/alto_bass_audition.mp3">Alto + Bass Audition File</a></p>
<p> <a href="/cms4/asset/5888BBF7-E63E-25A3-2C23C6A679258F5D/soprano_tenor_audition.mp3">Soprano + Tenor Audition File</a></p>
<p>&quot;<a href="/cms4/asset/5888BBF7-E63E-25A3-2C23C6A679258F5D/america.pdf">My Country 'Tis of Thee&quot; Sheet Music</a></p>

Step 3: Submit Your File

Choral Ensemble Audition Submission Form

Please fill out this form and attach your audition file.

When you upload your audio audition file, the only supported audio file types are .mp3 and .mpg.  If the audio recorder you use does not default to these file types, you can convert the file type online.  An easy website to do this is  If you have any issues submitting your audio audition, please contact Dr. Wallace directly at

* denotes a required field

Sight Reading Ability (self report, 1 being Weak and 5 being Strong) *

Ability to Carry a Part Independently (self report: 1 being Weak and 5 being Strong) *