Tournament Information

The Region 12 tournament was held Saturday, March 17, 2018

2018 Top Teams

Division B - Middle School

  1.        Lakeshore Middle School
  2.        Allendale Middle School
  3.        Chandler Woods Charter Academy
  4.        White Pines Intermediate School
  5.        Plymouth Christian Middle School
  6.        Northern Hills Middle School
  7.        East Grand Rapids Middle School
  8.        Harbor Lights Middle School
  9.        Macatawa Bay Middle School
  10.        Riley Street Middle School
  11.        Grandville Middle School
  12.        Forest Hills Central Middle School
  13.        Zion Christian Middle School  (Alternate)

Division C - High School

  1.        Grand Haven High School
  2.        Forest Hills Central High School
  3.        West Ottawa High School
  4.        Allendale High School
  5.        Grand Rapids Christian High School
  6.        Plymouth Christian High School
  7.        Forest Hills Northern High School
  8.        West Michigan Aviation Academy
  9.        Wyoming Senior High (Alternate)

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