Lifetime Activities

These classes are sports or activities which are typically played across a lifespan. They include outdoor, recreational and adventure activities as well as sports that can be played alone, in pairs or small groups such as Golf and Archery. Some lifetime activity classes are held off- campus. Check out each specific course when you register on Banner to ensure travel time in your schedule, if needed.  Some of our lifetime activities have an additional course fee to cover the rental of facilities and/or equipment. Each course will have this information listed when you register if it applies.  Some classes are weather dependent (if they are held outside).  Instructors will communicate if our Michigan weather impacts your class plans.

FIT 111: Train for 5K Road Race

people running on track

FIT 118: Archery


FIT 119: Outdoor Skills


FIT 120: Bowling

bowling pins

FIT 121: Golf - Fund. Shots

Golf club

FIT 123: Golf - Shaping Shots

golf ball on tee

FIT 128: Rock Climbing

rock climbing

FIT 152: Rowing

rowing shells

FIT 153: Sailing - Large Boat

sailboat bow