Group Fitness

Students learn through group instruction a variety of physical activities to pursue across their lifetime. Skills and concepts taught cover everything from body composition to nutrition to functional fitness. Learning how to plan and adopt a healthy active lifestyle is a main goal. A wide variety of group fitness classes allow student to try something new or develop skills and knowledge on a deeper level. There are many sections and a wide variety of classes available in group fitness from Yoga to Pilates to Indoor Fitness Cycling every semester to fit a busy schedule. 

FIT 101: Pilates

people doing pilates

FIT 106: Cardio Kickboxing

focus mits for punching

FIT 109: Yoga

People in Warrior 1 yoga pose

FIT 112: Core Strength

People doing core exercises

FIT 126: Cond & Flexibility

People using stability balls

FIT 143: Core & Spin

spin bikes

FIT 145: Total Body Strength

Instructor teaching dumbbell exercise

FIT 148: Indoor Fitness Cycling

spin bike

FIT 156: Zumba

Group of people doing Zumba

FIT 168: Dance for Fitness

shadows of dancers