Why Take Japanese?

Why Take Japanese Infographic

Employment Opportunities

The Midwest host 2400 Japanese businesses, employing a quarter million people, in fields as diverse as technology, chemistry, agriculture, manufacturing, and business services. 

Areas with strong potential for employment include:

  • International trade
  • Working for multinational auto companies and related pars suppliers
  • Translation for business and cultural products (comics, animation, video games)
  • Live interpreting for foreign visitors
  • Teaching English as a second language in schools, universities, and various companies
  • International law and business, marketing, accounting, and investment
  • The travel industry, tours, airlines, the TSA diplomacy and government services  

Fun Facts

  • An insatiable consumer market makes Japan the place to go for cutting-edge technology: robots, smartphones, talking elevators, vending machines for everything, and whole neighborhoods of major cities taken up by shops hawking the latest gadgets. 
  • Trains connect much of the four main islands, the "linear motorcar" now in development will zoom 300 mph (483 kmh) through mountain tunnels and across rice fields, blazing past the now-50-year-old "bullet trains," which top out at 185 mph (298 kmh).  
  • Consisting of much more than sushi, regional Japanese cuisines emphasize seasonal delicacies and creative presentation, variety in texture and color, and the essential characteristics of ingredients. 
  • Demand for high-quality clothing and cosmetics - for both men and women - and a limitless array of individual street styles keep Japanese fashion at the forefront. 

Japanese Clubs at GVSU

  • Japanese Cultural Association
  • Japanese Conversation Table
  • Japanese Film Series
  • Otaku no Anime
  • Asian Student Union 

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