Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take GVSU classes?
Classes can be taken at a variety of locations.  We offer classes at our Allendale, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Traverse City, or Holland Campuses as well as online.  

What's the difference between a degree-seeking student and a non-degree certificate?
A degree-seeking student at GVSU is working towards a bachelor's degree that takes 4 years to complete (typically).  A non-degree certificate is a program that is for a set amount of time. 

Does GVSU offer associate's degree's?
No, GVSU is a 4-year degree public institution.

What should I do first?
Start by talking to a MI! Works caseworker to begin the process.  You can reach them at 517-335-1319.  They may require you to register and attend an orientation process in order to receive their services.  Only Michigan Works can determine your eligibility for training and whether or not you qualify for funding. 

Is a national certification exam included as part of the non-degree certificate course?
Many of the GVSU online courses prepare you for a nationally recognized certification exam but the exams are not included as part of the course.

What type of certificate will I receive when I complete the non-degree certificate course?
GVSU will issue a GVSU Certificate of Completion when the course work is completed.

What equipment do I need to take an online course through GVSU?
The computer requirements are listed in each course description and include details about the proper operating system, internet capabilities, software, hardware and storage space required for your course.  Usually a standard home computer with high-speed internet capabilities will work but some courses have very specific hardware and software requirements.

What is the cancellation policy for a non-degree certificate program?
Once you are enrolled and materials are sent, the course is invoiced and non-refundable.  Students who do not complete the course may be responsible for the course costs not covered by MI Works!.  Check with your case worker for details on your obligations.  Course extensions can be provided by GVSU if requested.

Can you check the status of my approval for WIA funding?
All funding, eligibility, qualification and status inquiries must be directed to your MI Works! case worker.  

What if MI Works! needs more information?
Basic course information is listed on the website.  Click here to find more detailed information regarding our non-degree certificate programs.  A few agencies require forms to be completed and signed by the training provider.  See the specific sections regarding degree seeking and non-degree certificate for more specific information.

What if GVSU doesn't offer the major I want to pursue?  
There are a variety of options to research, you can see the for Credit programs we offer here.  And you can look at our non-degree certificate programs available here.

Are there other resources for financial assistance?
Absolutely!  You can talk with the Financial Aid Office at 616-331-3234 to discuss options through the federal government.  In addition to that you can review the Michigan Department of Human Services for assistance in medical, prescription, food and many others.  

I don't qualify for the Workforce Investment Act.  What other programs are available?
Look at the Michigan Career, Education and Workforce program website.  It will give information about other work programs the state offers.  

I wasn't admitted to GVSU.  What can I do?
Talk to an admissions counselor about what criteria you didn't meet.  You can talk to them at 800-748-0246.

I'm an adult, returning to college as a student.  Do you have additional resources for me?
Yes, GVSU has a nontraditional website for your use or you can contact our Center for Adult and Continuing Studies and talk to an advisor at 331-7180.

I think I need help navigating the university system.  Are there services that can help me?
The Student Services Coordinator in the Center for Adult and Continuing Studies can help.   Visit our website at or call 331-7180 for an appointment. 

Page last modified May 2, 2016