Certificate Programs

Grand Valley State University offers a variety of (non-degree) certificate programs that are approved for Michigan Works! program funding.  You must check with your MI Works! case worker to determine if the program you are interested in is suitable for the career training you are seeking.

Step 1:  Determine what programs are available.  Go to  https://jobs.mitalent.org/mitc/Search/Training  and under providers by name, select Grand Valley State University-Center for Adult and Continuing Studies

  • Detailed information about each eligible program can be found at 
    www.gvsu.edu/training, including costs, hours, content, prerequisites, materials and computer requirements.
  • Provide the course information to your Michigan Works case worker.  Typically, the information needed is available on the www.gvsu.edu/training site.  The course can start at any time and completion date is six months from the start date.

Step 2: Have your Mi Works! case worker complete an Individualized Training Account (ITA) voucher that indicates the course and amount of funding that was approved.  Make sure that they have an accurate address, phone number and e-mail address for you so that you can be enrolled online.  The form can be faxed to 616-331-7365 or mailed to:

 GVSU-Center for Adult and Continuing Studies
 301 W. Fulton Street
 718 Eberhard Center
 Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Step 3:  If you have any paperwork that needs to be signed by Grand Valley, contact the Center for Adult and Continuing Studies Office at 616-331-7180.

Step 4: You will be enrolled by GVSU in the specified course listed on your ITA and notified by your instructor on how to proceed.

Note:  Non-degree certificate programs do not count towards university credit hours and are not eligible for federal financial aid.  Course tuition is not refundable after enrollment is complete.

If you have any other questions check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. 

Page last modified July 7, 2016