Promoting Interprofessional Education for Students - PIPES

The MIPERC organization PIPES (Promoting Interprofessional Education for Students) provides students with the opportunity to learn how to work with other health professions. The organization assumes two responsibilities for contributing to interprofessional education:

  • Facilitate the provision of highest quality health care through collaborative practice
  • Provide the venue in which students from each of the health professions share important topics and concepts to better understand other health care professions and roles on the team

PIPES aids in the development of the individual student's professional role with opportunities to provide volunteer and/or research opportunities in the West Michigan community.


MIPERC's Interprofessional Simulation Design Competition Winners 2018!

MIPERC Simulation Design Competition

1st Place Community Member Design: “Adolescent Eating Disorders”

By: Western Michigan University Stryker School of Medicine – Kristine Gibson, MD, FAAP, Lisa Singleterry, Ph.D., M.S.N., B.S.N., Sally Vliem, Ph.D., M.S., B.S.N., Scott Gaynor, Ph.D., Gretchen Kauth, RD, M.Ed.

1st Place Student Design: “Nursing and OT Discharge Rounds”

By: Amanda Deel, OST, Melanie Ralph, OST, Jayme Larson, Nursing, Angela Bucci, Nursing, Melinda Hoholik, OST

2nd Place Student Design: “Interprofessional Post-Stroke Feeding Session”

By: Amy Bartkus, OST, Lauren Goldstein, OST, Chloe Bielby, MPH, Kaitlin Chauv, SLP, Caroline Farney, SLP

3rd Place Student Design: “Skilled Nursing Facility Interdisciplinary Evaluation & Plan of Care”

By: Jamie Emens, OST, Zoey Rose, OST, Elyse Vos, OST, Kinsey Hill, SLP

Student Design Honorable Mention: “Communication and Mobility: PT & SLP Collaboration in Acute Care”

By: Shelby Myers, DPT, Olivia Lawson, SLP, Brittany Mathis, TR


MIPERC Thanks all participants for entering the competition this year and expanding MIPERC's library of IPE Simulations! 

PIPES Meetings

There are no upcoming PIPES Meetings at this time

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Meet the 2017-2018 PIPES Student Officers!

Jessica Fritzler, MPH – Co-President

Erin Schroeder, Pharm D. Candidate – Co-President

Chanel Newton, MPH – Marketing/Social Media

Alicia Gonzalez, AHS/Pre-SLP – Secretary


Winners will be announced on March 1, 2018!

PIPES Contact

For more information regarding PIPES, please contact:

Lisa Naymick

Phone: 616-331-5667




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