Solar Power Producer is New MAREC Business Tenant

January 02, 2014

Solar Power Producer is New MAREC Business Tenant

A company that provides sustainable, on-site energy generation systems is the newest tenant at Grand Valley State University’s MAREC,

Chart House Energy, LLC  signed a one-year agreement with Grand Valley to occupy business incubator space at MAREC. Founded in Chicago in 2009, the company provides discounted, emission-free electricity through developing sustainable clean energy generation systems — such as solar panel installations — for commercial, industrial and governmental facilities.

Founder and President Robert Rafson, who has 27 years of experience in environmental engineering, design, construction and operations, built the largest solar PV project in Michigan at Torresen Marine in Muskegon in 2010. He said the facilities at MAREC are supportive to businesses starting up or expanding into the area.  
“I’ve found many activities and other businesses in the building that are aligned with our business plan,” Rafson said. “MAREC is a great place to work and meet with others in the renewable energy space in an open and convenient environment.”

Arn Boezaart, director of MAREC, said the goal of MAREC and Chart House Energy is to build a large and ever-growing portfolio of renewable energy projects. “We are actively working together to advance interest and utilization of commercial-scale solar energy projects that take full advantage of available incentives, renewable energy financing and tax credits,” Boezaart said. “We will assist Chart House Energy in becoming a self-sustaining Michigan independent power producer.”

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