Volunteer Events

Michigan Cares for Tourism - 2016



We are in awe of our 170 tourism professionals and students for what they've accomplished!  Nearly all the projects were completed...17 in all (we had originally had 15 projects; however, with some getting done sooner than anticipated, we were able to complete a few more).  A huge thanks to our 77 donors/members as well!

Five events in four years with one clean-up event in the UP!  Totals now stand at 1,105 volunteers with labor and supply savings estimated at $400K.

Michigan Cares for Tourism - 2015


Thank you to our over 300 tourism industry volunteers and students that attended our two events in 2015!  Both clean-up events made a huge impact and resulted in $151,000 in saved labor and supplies savings.

Map of participants by zip codeInfographic for all events 

Michigan Cares for Tourism - Belle Isle 2014



In one day, 448 tourism industry volunteers came together to work at various locations on Belle Isle.  Their work resulted in over $50,000 in saved labor, and $20,000 in materials/supplies.  Our partners are absolutely in awe of your efforts...and so are we!

Map of participants by zip code

Infographic for both events

Michigan Cares for Tourism - Mill Lake 2013



Michigan Cares for Tourism coordinates annual clean-up events throughout Michigan to preserve and protect our historic tourism sites. Our first event in Historic Mill Lake (Chelsea, Michigan at the Waterloo Recreation Area) welcomed 100 tourism industry volunteers to restore the area, resulting in 1400 hours of labor and $28,000 in manpower savings in a full day of effort restaining, removing debris and restoring the cabin structures.

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