Event Frequently Asked Questions!

Do I need to come to every aspect of the event?

No, you do NOT need to attend every aspect of the event but we hope you will. The online registration process will ask several questions to learn more about what you want to do. Really though, it will be worth the time....you will make a difference to Michigan, have fun, meet new people, learn and grow (OK, and you will get dirty). Guaranteed or your money back. Check out our photos of the fun we've had at other clean-up events!

What do you mean...it's really not FREE transportation by Indian Trails, is it?

YES! Our generous partner, Indian Trails, continues to provide transportation for the welcome reception tour and the clean-up site. So don't let the cost of gas keep you from volunteering your time!

You say volunteer, but it costs to come...huh?

Michigan Cares for Tourism is a 100% volunteer effort and it does cost a great deal of money to not only restore a historic tourism site, it also costs to host a great event! Tourism professionals expect and should get both a fun and rewarding experience!

Even though we have generous donors sponsoring aspects of the event, not everything has been donated. Therefore, the registration fee will go toward offsetting the cost for the event and restoration supplies.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

You can sign up to volunteer right here!  Our online registration system can take your reservation soon and will ask a variety of questions from your t-shirt size to when you will join us!

What if I don't have any special skill for this type of project?

Ohhhh, nonsense! Everyone has a skill to share at a clean-up event like this! There are jobs for every ability and interest. Just tell us what you want to do and what you may need as we want you to join in the fun! By the way, it is hard work, but we already know tourism professionals are hard workers.

Do you need supplies or only money donated?

We need event supplies, clean-up supplies and money to make this happen! See our membership brochure if you think this is something you can help with too!  And, thank you for thinking about supporting this event and Michigan Cares for Tourism initiatives.

What benefits do members get for supporting Michigan Cares for Tourism?

You tell us what you want, as we want our partner/members to feel this is a win/win for all engaged. We have membership programs for any amount, but have started the levels at $250. The more you are able to give, the more we will do from recognizing you on our social media, event materials, banners/posters, to putting your logo on our trailer!  Monies raised will be invested solely in the site and event. We would like to learn more about your objectives and how our events and programs may be of value to you. Check out our membership page and brochure and we welcome a call (989.424.0123) or email at any time!

How do we get our site as one of your clean-up locations?

We certainly want to learn about other locations and sites that are in need within Michigan's tourism industry. Although we are already beginning to plan for our next event, we are anxious to see how the tourism industry responds to this event and our members to see if we can figure out how to fund more initiatives. Communication is key, so please let us know where there are needs and how we may work together to make it happen!  Contact us!

We are not tourism professionals, but we want to help...how can we?

One of the hidden joys of working on this project so far are the number of people who are offering to help! Certainly, anyone can join an industry professional at our events (any child 16 years of age or older; colleague; partner/spouse; family member; etc.) and we would like to welcome everyone! However, we are gearing the event to tourism professionals. We hope tourism professionals will network and get to know others in the industry, as well as learn about a new tourism area of Michigan they may know little about.

Where does all the money go?

All monies go to the event, the local historic site and future events. No money is provided to any organization for their efforts on behalf of Michigan Cares for Tourism (no partner receives any funds for their efforts or the contributions of their organization). This is 100% volunteer and 100% give-back.

Who made our fabulous marketing materials?

Everything we do is because of everyone pitching in to make a difference in Michigan's tourism economy. DRIVEN, a modern marketing communication and branding firm, donated all of the skilled staff to create our "look" and share the Michigan Cares for Tourism message in a beautiful way! They are creative, they get marketing, and are crazy talented. Call them!