2016 The Felt Estate Clean-Up Event


Thanks to our 77 donors and 170 tourism professionals we were able to complete nearly all our planned projects, 17 in total.

Work projects included the restoration of the Carriage House, painting of the chapel and barn, creating a 1000' walkway through the woods, just to name a few of the projects we have lined up for the day.


Volunteers complete 17 projects in one day at Felt Estate grounds
by Caleb Whitmer, Holland Sentinel
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About The Felt Estate

The Felt Mansion features unique fixtures comprising intricate mahogany woodwork, original hardwood floors, and art-deco style colorful tile. Venture through the Mansion’s sprawling three floors including an impressive foyer, a formal dining room, a library housing original books, a parlor featuring a mahogany fireplace mantel, and a variety of family bedrooms and bathrooms. Take a step back in time and explore the history that is still be unveiled to this day through ongoing restoration and updates.

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