2013 Mill Lake and 2014 Belle Isle Clean-Up Events

2013 Mill Lake Clean-Up Event


Michigan Cares for Tourism hosted the first Michigan event on October 6 and 7 in Michigan's " Big 400", "where small town living meets great big fun".  We went to Chelsea, Michigan to restore Historic Mill Lake, a 1936 cabin community that welcomed urban youth and others to their first travel and outdoor recreation experience. Closed in 2000 due to disrepair, our volunteer efforts will help restore Historic Mill Lake for many to again enjoy.

2014 Belle Isle Clean-Up Event


Last year, many industry volunteers shared their time, talents, and resources to make Belle Isle Park a better place for visitors. Thank you for supporting the tourism industry and making a difference at the 2014 Michigan Cares for Tourism (MC4T) event.  In one day, their work resulted in over $50,000 in saved labor, and $20,000 in materials/supplies.  Our partners are absolutely in awe of their efforts...and so are we!

Clean-up site locations

Volunteers at Belle Isle were disbursed throughout the park to various work sites as shown on the above map. Whether volunteers were clearing brush or painting pavilions, a huge impact was made on Belle Isle!