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On June 1, 2020, the MI-ACE Women’s Network launched the “Advancing Women Engagement Plan” to address the need to stay engaged and connected during the pandemic when face-to-face activities were suspended. The goal of that plan was to build a calendar of “virtual” events and engagement opportunities for members from June through December. As we enter June 2021, we will celebrate one year operating under that plan and some really amazing things have happened.

Part of that plan was the launch of the “Mentoring Mondays” website posts, and we have shared many wonderful leadership and career building tips and strategies over this past year. As we close the month of May, our “recognition month,” we would like to give thanks to the Network’s Executive Board for their bold and innovative leadership during a time of uncertainty.

2020-2021 Executive Board

Dr. Kimberly Hurns, State Chair

Lennetta B. Coney, Chair, Membership Committee

Dr. Reva Curry, Co-Chair, Institutional Representatives Committee

Dr. Claudia Douglass, Past State Chair

Dr. Deveta Gardner

Dr. Nancy M. Giardina

Marlanna Landeros, Co-Chair, Women of Color Collaborative

Dr. Stephanie Lee, Co-Chair, Women of Color Collaborative

Dr. Linda Logan, State Chair-Elect

Dr. Rhonda Longworth, Co-Chair, Professional Development Committee

Dr. Amy Mansfield Leah Monger, Co-Chair, Institutional Representatives Committee

Dr. Mamiko Reeves, Chair, Distinguished Women Leadership Award Committee

Dr. Mary Jo Sekelsky, Treasurer

Dr. Connie Tingson-Gatuz, Chair, Annual Conference Committee Emerita Members

Dr. Diane Anderson

Nancy L. Barker, Secretary

Deborah Z. Bloom

Dr. MaryLee Davis

Dr. Lynette Findley

Martha J. Grier, Co-Chair, Professional Development Committee

Dr. Christine Hammond

Dr. Marlene Kowalski-Braun

Patricia M. Lowrie

Glenna Frank Miller

Dr. Jacqueline D. Taylor, Co-Chair, Nominating Committee

Dr. Margaret E. Winters

On behalf of all member institutions, we give thanks to these courageous women for their outstanding leadership. We salute our 2020-2021 Executive Board with this quote:

“To dream anything that you want to dream.

That is the beauty of the humankind.

To do anything that you want to do.

That is the strength of the human will. To Trust yourself to test your limits – that is the courage to succeed!”

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