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“When We Learn”

As we approach the third year of dealing with the coronavirus and its variants, we find it difficult at times to face the day and do our jobs. It is during these difficult times when true leaders stand out – when they “live their purpose.”  

In today’s environment, many of us work remotely and often wonder what challenges lie ahead.   What will be the take-away lessons learned for leaders of the future? Here are some lessons that we have already learned that will sustain us and provide the momentum to continue serving and shaping the lives of others: 

 - Every person has been given the gift of a unique self, and the purpose of life is to share the very best of that gift with the world;

- We can’t control the world around us, but we are the masters of our souls;

- The emergence of good or bad qualities depends on the help given or hurt inflicted by others;

- When times of hardship ravage one’s outer shell, they can enhance one’s character and perspective;

- There is pleasure in the power of lifting others up, not in the pseudo-power of pushing them down;

- Praise from others is flattering but meaningless if it is not matched by self-respect. 

Here is a quote from an unknown source to remember in these difficult days: “Life is a miracle to be lived.” As a leader, you are in a unique position of trust; accordingly, learn how to muster up the energy to keep leading and sharing the best that you have to help others succeed. 


Source: Excerpts from Chicken Soup for the Soul, “101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit.” 


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